Best Online Resume Builders 2023 [Free & Premium]

In this article, you will find the best online resume builders both free and premium to make your resumes. With thousands of easy-to-use tools available on these resume builders, one can create a professional resume in couple of minutes. Check them out below.

Everyone wants their resume to be the best and stand out from the competition. In addition to giving you an advantage over other applicants, a well-structured resume is important. When you don’t know what to do or write, creating your CV can be exhausting as well as unpleasant. Some of us still struggle to create a well-structured resume, even with Microsoft Office Word. In today’s article, we’ll concentrate on websites that let you create a resume utilizing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) computer with little to no effort at all.


Resume Now gives you access to built-in templates that make creating a resume simple and stress-free.

resumenow online resume builder
resumenow online resume builder

It offers numerous Job-Winning Resume Templates, and you may customize your template by adding pre-built abilities and phrases. After creating an account, it also allows users to keep and view their prepared resumes online, allowing access to your document from anywhere.

Their website can be accessed via: https://www.resume-now.com/


It may seem impossible to land your dream career. With the greatest online resume maker made by pros, enhanced by data, and relied upon by millions of professionals Resume IO is here to alter that and give you a genuine advantage.

The resume builder makes use of cutting-edge production technologies to present a polished narrative that appeals to CEOs as well as hiring managers and recruiters. Recruiters and IT professionals have also tried the resume creator and its pre-generated material.

Their website can be accessed via: https://www.resumeio.com/

resumeio resume builder
resumeio resume builder
resumeio resume builder 2
resumeio resume builder 2



  1. ZETY

With more than 15 blank resume templates and tools to facilitate authoring, Zety is an online resume builder. The most popular of our resume templates, the Cascade template, has already been chosen by over 1,000,000 people. Beautiful templates to choose from and simple to follow guidelines. Several days after submitting and applying my résumé, I started getting calls. It sticks out without a doubt. The builder walks you through the process and offers plenty of pre-written material and resume recommendations. Zety is a top resume-building tool, according to Trustpilot ratings that total more than 3,000. Users are especially fond of the variety of easily accessible and attractive templates it offers.



Zety online resume builder
Zety online resume builder

Writing a resume makes most people cringe. However, with Zety I can easily edit my resume to bring focus to any specific skills needed for a particular job. This includes the dreaded cover letter. I no longer panic when someone asks for an updated resume.MK

Went for a job interview and the potential employers were very impressed with my CV. It was the first thing they said to me! Sarah

Their website can be accessed via: https://www.zety.com/

  1. CANVA

Applying for your dream job is simple and quick using Canva’s free resume creator. Select one of hundreds of free templates created by designers, then quickly edit them.

With Canva’s free resume generator, you can save time by adding professional experience and formatting your resume according to your needs while still using one of their versatile templates.

canva resume builder
canva resume builder

Don’t waste time selecting complementary typefaces for your cover letter or arranging your resume. Making a resume online with Canva’s free resume generator will result in a professional-looking resume with no effort. Select one of hundreds of free templates created by designers, then quickly add your own customizations. You can adapt the colors, fonts, layout, and visuals to the position you’re applying for with only a few mouse clicks. On their website, they also offer tutorials on how to create a résumé.

Their website can be accessed via: https://www.canva.com/create/resumes/


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Novorésumé is an incredibly quick resume maker that doesn’t require the download of any software, doesn’t have a complicated sign-up process, and doesn’t require you to go through a protracted training. With built-in resume templates that range from the traditional black-and-white template to something a little more creative.

novoresume online builder
novoresume online builder


Their resume builder has the following pros

novoresume online resume builder
novoresume online resume builder

NO Hidden Fees

With Novorésumé, you won’t spend hours working on your resume, just to be hit with a hidden paywall. Our resume builder will notify you if you’re using any of our premium features in advance.


Their resume templates are ATS-friendly. It means your resume won’t automatically be rejected because an ATS can’t read it.

Live Content Feedback

The CV builder provides real-time feedback on your resume content, ensuring that your resume reaches its full potential!

Edit Your Resume in Real Time

As you edit your resume with our builder, you’ll immediately see the changes applied to your document.

Their website can be accessed via: https://novoresume.com/


The process of writing a resume is substantially sped up and simplified by using a resume builder. Have you ever tried creating a résumé using Word? You won’t have to bother about the minute details of resume development, such as font choice, layout, formatting, etc., if you use a resume builder. All you need to do to start applying for jobs is choose a resume template and fill it out.

Need assistance creating your resume? We (Recruitmentcv.com) are able to create tips to assist you in creating the ideal CV for the job you want by studying hundreds of successful resumes. In order to have the most complete database of resume examples, we keep adding more and more examples and how-to articles each week. Check out some of our highlighted CV examples and advice on how to make yours stand out.

resume builder
resume builder

Their website can be accessed via: https://www.resumebuilder.com/

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