How to Write CV for Healthcare Assistant (+Sample)

Wondering how to write CV for Healthcare Assistant job position? Healthcare Assistant jobs are now hotcake. Every health worker wants to move abroad especially to the UK in order to get a more lucrative career. However, before you can possibly land this job, you must have a well written, structured and detailed resume for a health care assistant job position.

This post will show you how to write a well written CV for Healthcare Assistant in minutes and in style; without any hassle, like a pro!

Also, you will also be able to get a free Microsoft Word sample of a CV for Health care Assistant.

What is a healthcare assistant CV?

A healthcare assistant CV is best defined as a formal document (whether in PDF, DOC, DOCX, etc) that health care assistant professionals use to apply for job opportunities. This document include their personal details, job experience and other relevant information.

Specific careers in the healthcare industry include the midwifery, neurosurgery or paediatrics. Professionals in this fields involve in variety of healthcare settings.

What should a CV for Healthcare Assistant include?

A good healthcare assistant CV should be able to show a potential employer,

  • the applicant’s personal detail,
  • career objective,
  • relevant job experience,
  • academic track records and awards,
  • relevant healthcare skills and qualifications,
  • finally, the applicant’s contact information.

It is an understatement to say a few about how convincing a good CV is. A great CV for health care assistant that is well composed will help you make a good first impression from your potential employer. So in order to possibly catch and win the attention of any Recruiter’s consideration, it is safe to say, you should know how to properly write a standard CV for that healthcare assistant job.

How to write a CV for healthcare assistant roles.

Here are RecruitmentCV’s top 8 tips on how to effectively write a winning CV for healthcare assistant job positions.

1. Prepare your information

Before you begin writing your CV, draft out all basic information about yourself. These information includes, your name(s), your contact details which may include phone numbers and an email address, your residential address, previous employer information, educational background and qualifications, professional skills and trainings, references and other relevant information.

2. Write out your personal statement or career objective related to healthcare assistant.

The next important aspect of your CV is to carefully draft your personal state. I have always emphasised on this very part of writing CV for healthcare assistant job or any other job you’re applying for. Your personal statement or career objective tells your prospective employer why you are the best candidate for the job and why they should consider you. As you write your personal statement, cease that opportunity to also highlight your motivation, skills and experience you have gained in this industry; please make everything brief, concise and straight to the point. However, also consult the job description in order to the required skills and characteristics while writing your career objective. It is very important to note that, you should also keep your tone professional.

3. Outline your relevant job experience.

The record of your work experience further tells your potential job employer whether you have the essential experience and skills in your previous jobs. What to include while writing your work experience are;

    • previous employer’s company name.
    • company address.
    • company’s phone number.
    • location.
    • dates of entry and dates you left the job(s).
    • your previous job positions.
    • briefly outline your job responsibilities and duties.

P.S: Use bullets to type these information to improve your CV for healthcare assistant. Also, let your most recent job experience come first before the rest can follow. In other words, write your job experience in a reverse format.

4. Properly list your educational background with awards achieved.

While writing your CV for healthcare assistant, it is very advisable to include your educational background. In most cases, there is no specific requirement for educational background for a resume for healthcare assistant job. This section should include the following;

    • the school name.
    • the dates of entry and graduation.
    • the level of education.
    • and the award name.

Also, mention in your cv for healthcare assistant the short courses and awards you have achieved. I will personally advise that you should create a specific section indicating relevant trainings such as nutrition or proper infection control and sensitisation, e.t.c you have participated. Your potential employer will definitely be interested to access these information.

5. Describe your skills and qualifications.

Properly writing down relevant skills and qualifications in your CV give a boost to your chances of getting considered. Hiring managers are also interested to know if you have the necessary skills for the job. You can include your skills, competences and qualities in this section. It is highly recommendable to review the job description and requirements in order to guide your writing for the desirable skills and competences they may be looking for.

6. Include relevant information, qualifications contact details, and achievements.

Other information like availability for work shifts is partially necessary. For example, you can include how flexible you will likely be for work. Will you be available to work during weekends? Can you work on night shifts? These are the kind of information to include in this section as this will give your CV a stand out from other applicants. Other things to add in this section are;

    • CPR or first aid certificates.
    • volunteer work capability.
    • career goals and targets.
    • other awards and achievements.
    • language proficiency certifications.
    • relevant projects you have worked on or currently working on.
    • whether you are currently available for employment or consideration.

7. Use proper keywords relating to healthcare assistant roles.

Using specific terms related to healthcare assistant further tells your potential employer how well and acquitted you are to the field. Use relevant keywords throughout your CV writing. Below are some popular keywords related to healthcare assistant:

    • Healthcare.
    • Nursing.
    • Hospitals.
    • Mental Health.
    • Patient Safety.
    • Basic Life Support (BLS).
    • Personal Care, Home Care.
    • Clerical Skills.
    • Clinic.
    • CNA.
    • Collaboration.
    • Inpatient and Behavior Analysis.

8. Read through, go through again, proofread!

Conclusively, as soon as you have finished writing your CV for healthcare assistant, go ahead ad proofread. Take your time no matter how much you must have written down, it is necessary to carefully peruse through what you have written. This is to make sure you are free from typographical errors or omissions. You may engage the help of a very trusted friend, family member or supervisor to check for grammatical errors or typos just in case you may have overlooked through.

Sample CV for Healthcare assistant.

You can use this sample of CV for healthcare assistant as inspiration for your own writing.

John Doewess
London based
01555 666666

A compassionate health care assistant with over then years of professional experience working within hospital settings. With a very strong passion for personal development to patient comfort and safety.

Professional Experience:
Health Care Assistant | Healthlink Service Hospital | Liverpool

November 2021 to present
• Sterilising equipment
• Monitoring patients’ conditions by taking temperatures, respiration, pulse and weight and documenting observations
• Supporting health care colleagues with all aspects of patient care
• Taking blood
• Serving meals and feeding patients
• Toileting and helping patients to wash and move around

Educational Background:
City of Liverpool College | July 2018 to October 2021
• HCA Senior Healthcare Support Worker Level 4
• Broadstead Secondary School | August 2010 to September 2015
• 7 GCSEs at grades A-C, including maths, English and science

Skills and Qualities
• Compassionate and kind communication with patients
• Keen observation skills

Time management and organisation skills:
• Ability to adhere to rules and regulations, instructions and support the health care team.
• Ability to understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality.

Additional Information:
In order to further my career skills, I have also engaged in the following courses:
• Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
• Emergency first aid

In my early times before I gained experience in professional healthcare assistant, I provided care and support for my elderly grand parents. This experience helped garnered me pursue a successful career in health care.

Reference details are available upon request.

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